Friday, 27 November 2009

Madd Kyle

Kyle is a good chap. been skating with him since day one.
He is a good laugh to skate with n that, got killer kickflips, big bag of tricks.
Comfortable with all terrain, apart from he is mango. Smashes out hammerz wen you dont expect it.


Moosey is killing it lately.
kid is always up for a skate, skates any terrain; middle of a busy train station, bottom of raging mini ramps and flat ground ollies where no manz has ollied before.
kid is good lad, keep it up mate.

Fuck me sideways

Aint been on this in fucking ages. sorry bout that guys.
Computer was fucked, had to paid and get it fixed... your fault george ahaha.

Getting pissed off of people, too much hype about christmas, its a fucking christian day, and every use it to get their own way.

And people need to lighten up, serious fuckers.
Apart from all that shite, its been good lately, just skating indoor carparks, fucking about, indoor parks and hanging out n that. Went to Ideal mini the other day, it was alright like, some dude broke his leg skating the WH Smith's 9 set handrail, bummer.

A edited from the other day in Ideal.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Fucking hell

Aint been on here in fucking ages. i bet everyone was like " fucking hell, thank fuck, no more tony's bullshit "

And yeah, anyways. just been skating abit of street lately. hesh luke and moose are killing it lately. keep it up.
And myself just being a pussy, doing fuck all new aha.

this is sooo sick. - no comply front shuv.

and i hope it will be dry on the weekendzz.

Friday, 13 November 2009


Everyone loves joxa, he ripps.
He can pretty much rock fakie anything.
All terrain ripper.

and by the way, i should really post more shit about bitching and hating instead of hyping.


Everyone is starting a blog nowdays, fucking hell aha.
Moose just started a blog, so go and check it out.

And fucking remember, sign the petition for new skatepark in cov.

and and and, fucking up and coming model.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hot shit.

Sign this petition now, and spread the word.

And check out this fagget blog, by George.C. it covers alot of stuff.
check it out. i love you really George.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I see no glory, When will we be free ?

This Is England - The clash, love this.

Monday, 9 November 2009

George's Amazing artwork.

shit the bed.

swamp the ox

bs indy slash, Photo: billy

What a cunt.

Hesh Luke

Luke is crazy, doing the sickest sweepers. skates sketchy as fuck but manage to stay on his board somehow. he will rock n roll on any transition.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


Swampy is one of the gnarly guys from Cov.
Building his own bowl and doesnt give a shit about the complains. yeah swampy fuck them.
Doing crazy inverts, blasting fastplants, speeding around bowls, doing the best slashes on coping.

Look like he gives a fuck?

And you should check out this guy's artwork too, amazing stuff.
Here's a little sketch for you guys, want more? find him on facebook.

sunday street sk-hate.

It was a alright skate, fucking fell on my hand while filming moose, what a cunt.
Tez's varial heel down bird shit 5 set, Mofugga charging lipslides, sick stuff.
And me, being me, footplanting, filming on george's camera, and dicking around. you know it.

Here's a vid from today, features gay as fuck music and epic slow mo ending.
Edited by George.C

council, god damn cunts.

On covertmag, some council dickheads giving ade shit for making a good point about shitty skateparks in coventry, and the twats are trying to prove a shit point, but failing.
For full story, read this.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

7th Of November, Covpark and street skating in town.

Editing by George.C and filming by me and him.
Covpark was sick, swampys laybacks are rad, and toms crazy rock hang ups.
Street skating was alright, skated with some street fags, not a bad day i guess.


watch out for this guy, he is crazy, mad stunts n shit. vids and pics of harry skating soon, real soon.

Bike Thieving Chavs Must Die

Ride is everywhere, we even found a sticker in " Buttons " the chipshop.

Aaron Murray

Aaron Murray fucking rules, missing fingers n shit. fuck.
Stylish as hell.

Friday, 6 November 2009


Another fucking post, something to do, well bored and cant be bothered to sleep yet.
Ive just watched Batface for the 5th time.
Its a pretty mean video, Rosko's and Lewis Homer's section = sick.
Ralph's wall gap was gnarly, swampy's layback rock on high trannys was sick, Tom's bs airs on vert. all fucking sick.
my section was poor, shitty kickflips over gaps, poor lines, just alot of shite i think. only a few decent clips. fuck it.

needs to start fliming for Dribbleboy's video, protect ya neck bitches.

Man Of Fury

Nick kills it, faceplant manager, shreds any bowl and knows how to take slams.
all hail Nick Kirwan. AFUCKINMEN

Grand Theft Auto

This is lame, i know.
But GTA is getting worst and worst, i used to love this game, spend hours on it just killing people, driving into walls and blowing shit up.
And now what the fuck have they done ?
" The ballad of gay tony. " well fucking done lads.

Grand Theft Auto Gay Tony Pictures, Images and Photos


666, faceplant and the hellcrew.

this video will make you shit out of your eyes.

First Fucking post.

thats fucking skateboarding, no pussy ass shit.
skating is turning into some sort of fagget art shit.
fuck it.